Ello, ello!

Today feels as if we stayed up till five last night. So, because of that, we’re having a very, very short day today. Our plan is to get holes cut for duct in the range hood cabinet, and then in the ceiling. It was the quick cutting the holes in the cabinet, but since my dad hadn’t used his circle cutter on his Rotozip in a long time, it took us upwards of 30 minutes to try and figure how it went on.😝

After we figured it out we went ahead and cut the hole in the ceiling before testing how the duct will go in.

Before we left, my dad noticed that it was really warm in the house, and I commented that I only heard their A/C kick on once the whole time we were there. Last week we informed the customers that their unit wasn’t draining water outside, and water was on their floor.


After we got home, we had leftover pizza with ramen noodles! The ramen had some bacon and leftover potatoes from breakfast yesterday!  It was so delicious. I made the noodles in my bowl kind of Alfredo sauce-ie by adding ranch dressing. 

We relaxed for a bit, then my mom and I went to see how it was going with the bees. We sprayed them with a compressor sprayer of vinegar water, and when my mom went to refill it, I got stung. The bee was on my side, and when I went to smack a mosquito on my leg, leaning over a little, it angered the bee who thought stinging me would be a fantastic idea. The stinger didn’t do too much since it was outside my shirt, not on bare skin. It has gotten the size of a flat dime though..ugh. I’m not allergic to them, but I’m wary of these kind of things after getting the crofab for the snakebite.

I watched a few hundred videos on YouTube until my mom reminded me of things I had to do(because I could seriously YouTube binge when my subscriptions have a bunch of new videos).

Annnnnd this is what I had to do!



Yes, that is bacon! Bacon+sweet=dude awesome. Here are some with no bacon on them yet:


And under all the frosting is a bigger surprise than bacon…


Bluuuueeee!! My first ever colored cake! I made these for Father’s day today, because we had gotten so busy yesterday that I didn’t get to make them!
They were delish! And I think I found the perfect microwaving time! 5:15! They are perfectly moist, yet spongy, and they stick together as they’re cut!

After cupcakes, I uh…fell asleep. Yay dental hygiene (not)!!


Today we are going to install the toe kicks!

We also installed the ‘lidingös’ that go on the ends of the cabinets.

We brought our big fan with us, because it’s really hot and steamy in this house. Supposedly the customers are having an HVAC person coming tomorrow.

I caught my knee on the handle of the table saw’s caddy while I was cleaning up… I don’t even know how. Just….just look at itttt


Yeah..really nice. How I am able to slam my knees, toes, and shins almost once a week just escapes me.

Here’s my bee sting. It’s the size of a quarter now..and itchy…😓


It looks odd. Ahhhhh I want to scratch so bad!😨

We went to JD’s for some groceries, and I….I saw a man…pushing an 8-9 year old child…in…in…a stroller. It was so weird…I mean…weeeeeeiiiirddd. Like the hills have eyes kind of weird. >_>

cough cough-

Here’s the sunset when we got home!



It’s so beautiful! I probably have over 100 sunset photos… Seriously! I love sunsets!

We’re having chili dogs and Frito pie for dinner!





Frito pieeeee!


While we ate dinner, we watched the 90 minute finale of FARGO!!!

Ohh the end was so goooood! Ahhh! It was surprising and awesome, and Gusss! If you watch it, y’all will know what I mean!!!



Today….is the day…that we install the range hood.

We had to pick up a couple duct pieces at home depot, and then we started prepping the cabinet for a plug and the hood.

The hood came with no hardware for fastening to a cabinet, so my dad had to go pick up some bolts with washers and nuts so we could drill holes and keep the big hood from pulling out of the particle board cabinet.

The HVAC guys were here from like 3, to 7:30, and between 6 and 7 I was in an attic. -deep breath- I have…a few phobias, my top 2 are heights and extremely tight spaces. Claustrophobia, fear of being in tight spaces, being number 1 on the list. Climbing a versa ladder and going into a tight space just combined the two together in a box and gift wrapped it for me. 😱

But….I did it. I used an MDF board and crawled around. I was able to connect all the duct pieces together and tape them so any hot air or smoke can vent outside!

When I got out of the attic, the mental exhaustion from battling a couple of fears and trying to keep myself from slipping off the MDF and 2x4s seriously made me feel like curling up into a ball and crying.

After all that, we were finally able to leave! We headed over to look at a potential project, and then headed home to eat some Frito pie and chili dogs!

After dinner we watched deadliest catch, and then…I fells asleeped.

C-y’all in a few days, ttfn!


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